Outdoor Pottery Pieces

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Pots, large and small, are often the only pottery pieces seen in a garden or outside a home. They are often unglazed pieces left in their natural state. Many have been traditionally left undecorated because people believed the plant would provide all the décor necessary. That has changed in recent years, and outdoor pottery pieces are now becoming part of the décor on their own. Whether or not they can contain a plant, they have found a place outside the home.

Different shapes are a good way to use pottery outdoors. Gnomes and mushrooms have become extremely popular. Mythical creatures are not far behind and can be found hiding in many gardens. Frogs and toads have their place as outdoor pottery pieces. They often hide near water features or the outside faucet. No matter how they are decorated or shaped, these pieces add beauty and a touch of whimsy to gardens everywhere.