Outdoor Pottery Pieces


Fanciful Pottery for the Garden

Learning how to make objects from clay has become more popular in the last few years. People are seeking a way to relax and expand their creativity. Making pottery art for the garden is a wonderful way to be creative and have a piece to show for the time spent relaxing. Choosing to make art pieces for the garden requires very little skill. Imagination is more important with this type of artwork. Rather than trying to make a pottery piece to someone else’s standards, the potter can make what they feel is right.

Gnomes and mushrooms have become more popular than ever. While gnomes may be a bit too difficult for many just beginning, mushrooms are relatively easy. There is no correct way to make a mushroom, and colors vary widely throughout the world. Choosing to use clay to make a garden mushroom can be a flight of fantasy or a work of exacting art for the potter.