Outdoor Pottery Pieces


Do-It-Yourself Pottery Pieces

Many art studios have found a willing group of people when they begin to offer classes in pottery. People seem to like the idea of creating their own pottery pieces. While many people assume these classes will entail using a pottery wheel, some do not. Not all art studios have the equipment or room to teach large groups of students how to use a pottery wheel. Some teach only basic classes in how to sculpt clay into different forms. They reserve teaching use of the pottery wheel to people taking more advanced classes.

There are a great many different pieces that a person can make themselves without using a pottery wheel. Anything that is not round is generally made this way. Whether a person wants a piece of art that looks like a boat, a shoe or even a famous person, a pottery wheel is not necessary. Round pieces, such as mugs, can even be made without a wheel. Much of the beauty of these pieces is in the decoration that is applied after the first firing.

For those that decide to continue their education in pottery, they will eventually encounter the wheel. Plates, bowls, cups and vases are all possible when spinning clay. This is the fastest method known for experienced clay works to create these types of pieces. For the novice, the work often takes a lot longer than anticipated. Working clay on a pottery wheel is not as easy as experienced potters make it look.

Many people find that creating their own pottery pieces is a joy. It often does not matter whether they use a wheel or sculpt the clay by hand. When they have finished their piece, they have a work they can take home and use immediately or put on display. Friends and family may come by to admire it for many years.